Your insecurities may be your biggest problem...

Too often we see relationships ending because of our insecurities. Our marriages, our friendships, and even our families. Do you ever wonder why? Why in the world does a good relationship have to end? Sometimes we blame the most random things but what if we looked at the truth. Could it be your insecurities at work? Let's go ahead and face it, that's what it is. 

I remember as a kid growing up we didn't have much money. My Brothers and I had to share the same clothes. I vividly remember walking in one day, and the big oversized kid points at me and yells, "Didn't you wear that yesterday." while everyone joined him in the laughter my face turned red, and I wanted to disappear right then and right there. I'm a little bitter still. I still know that guy, he didn't turn out so hot. But the mark he left on me, I'll never understand.

Fast forward to my wife, and I was moving things into our new house, and we had realized that we hung up 200 hundred shirts of mine. That doesn't include the shirts I fold up into a dresser. Look at me with all these shirts. I'll never get made fun of again. The sad part is not long ago some insecure jerk had to laugh at something I was wearing, and I kid you not from that very moment I wrote him off. There's absolutely no way this dude will ever make it to my friend's list.  I mean why should he? Doesn't this guy know that I'm insecure about my clothes?

Listen I know this sounds petty, but the reality is we all struggle in this area. Why can't we just shake these things that have a death grip on our life? Why do I still care what people think about my clothes?  I know what I paid for them, and forget the money, it's the style I prefer. Why should anyone else's opinion of me matter? 

I think about the woman that Jesus met at the well in John chapter four in the Bible. Here this woman is coming to the well in the heat of the day to fetch water, and almost every sermon I've ever heard of her pointed to the fact that she was avoiding a crowd. I mean wouldn't you? Even though it was probably her fault that she was living the way she was, it probably still hurt to be talked about and looked down upon. 

I believe Jesus does something amazing right off the bat. He thoroughly addresses her insecurities. How brave of Jesus to look right at this woman and say, "Go get your husband." Wow, Jesus, did you just go there? She had to face the current reality and tell Him the truth. Now she is exposed for who she is. The why behind the what is in plain view. She's here in the middle of the day because of her insecurities.  Thank you, Jesus, that you restored this woman.

Now it's your turn. Who are you avoiding? Where won't you show your face? What group of people intimidate you? Beyond that, why are you easily angered? Why do you get so defensive? Why are you quitting all the time? Why are you so needy? What are you fearful of? Who are you trying to impress? Trust me the questions can go on.

Maybe you need to have your " At the well" experience with Jesus. Jesus tells this woman if you drink from this well you will never thirst again. That was her problem she was just thirsty. Maybe that's your problem too; you're just thirsty. Jesus invites you to leave your insecurities at heavens door. He says I'm here now. I will be all that you ever need and all that you ever missed out on. It's time to free yourselves up. How much life could happen if you weren't afraid of it? How many people has God brought to your life that your insecurities pushed out? How much good constructive criticism have you missed out on because you had mistaken it for rejection. 

It's time we move forward. It's time we grow. It's time we quit holding ourselves back. Let it go. Run to Jesus. Look your past in the face and let it know that you found your security. Tell it to back off. Walk out of your house today with a smile on your face. Why? Because you are different now. You are no longer thirsty!

Blake Reynolds