The Process


I don't know exactly where you are at in your life, but I can almost imagine that just like me you are going through a process. I’m not a huge fan of cliche phrases however, "you're going through a process" seems to be about the most true statement in my life right now.  What about you? Are you going through something right now? Wish you never started the journey you are on? This could be your marriage, your job, raising kids, or even a new relationship. To be honest, every area of my life has been or is currently in a process. Life seems to get more demanding the older you get. So what now? Do we quit? Give up? Throw in the towel?

I’m sure there is someone right now saying I'm ready to quit, or already has. I want to say hold on; there is a reason.  We hate the process, but we have to learn to respect it. When I was younger I couldn't wait until I was older. But that process called puberty was rough. If it wasn't the acne, it was the squeaky voice and we won't even mention the peach fuzz on my chin. I think you get where I'm going. The process was never designed to kill us. It really exists to make us stronger. The moment we realize this we will stop fighting against it and will be better for it.

Sometimes we often refer to this as "middle moments". A spiritual "middle moment" is when you realize you've yet to reach your destiny, but you aren't where you started either. When Jesus met the disciples out in the middle of the sea He intended on walking right by them even though He saw them struggling. That tells me that God isn't afraid of our struggles. It wasn't until they called out to Him that He came. They were in a middle moment in a fishing boat in the middle of the sea. The bible says the storm was raging. You know, big waves, strong wind, etc. Surely they had been in storms before, right? Why was this one any different?  I believe that they realized they were no longer in control. They weren't able to control the storm and they can't seem to control the boat either. What is your storm? What is your boat? Jesus had a plan; He climbs in the boat and calms the storm. Then Jesus does something huge, He calls out their lack of faith. 

I think more than the size of their faith, He was referring to the duration of their faith. I think Christians struggle with lasting faith. We tend to have short, quick bursts of faith that get us started. But then we give up when the process starts. It wasn't long before the disciples were in a process that they were watching Jesus feed 15,000 people. My faith would have been huge at this point and I would do whatever Jesus asked. What did Jesus ask after that? He asked them to get in a boat and go to the other side. Now they are right in the middle of a process. Thanks to who? That’s right, Jesus. And just like them, He has you in a process. As soon as you realize that Jesus is taking you from where you are to where He wants you, you will no longer see the process as punishment. You will see it as a promotion.

Jesus calmed the storm and the bible says, "Immediately they were on the other side". I’m not sure how long the process will last for you, but what I can tell you is that there is another side and that’s exactly where He's taking you. Don't jump ship and swim back to the beach called familiarity. God will constantly call you out of your comfort zone and enter you into a process that is challenging and uneasy. There is a purpose for this pain. Psalms 30 says there may be pain in the night but joy comes in the morning. Your pain is ending; your joy is coming. The process will serve its purpose. One day you will look back at that middle moment and thank God that He brought you to where He did and you will also understand there was only one route to get there, through a PROCESS.